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Wireless Marker


Wireless marker sets for PTI systems come in different versions to match your application requirements. They all offer the same precision , have unique IDs for error-free data capture, and are encased in high-quality, resistant plastic housing to keep them safe in extreme capture setups. Different market types can easily be used together on the same subject.


SI2TV Tactile Markers

  Wireless Markers with
  Tactile Feedback

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Completely Wireless

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Octopus Markers

Reduces up to 90%
  of the wiring requirement

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Standard Markers

  Excellent control quality
  in any situation

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Target Control Modules & Receivers


Target Control Module
32 (TCM32)

This TCM can power and control up to 32 standardLED  markers
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Target Control Module
16 (TCM 16)

This TCM can power and control up to 16 standard LED markers
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Mini Target Control Module (TCM8)

This TCM can power and control up to 8 standard LED markers
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Tetherless Marker
Control Receiver

Receives the marker control signals broadcast by a matching transmitter
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Capture Suits & Gloves

This two piece stretchable Lycra motion capture suit is completely Velcro-compatible
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Finger Motion Capture Gloves

Intricate finger and hand motions can be capture
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Tracker Mounting Options


Tracker Clamp

Heavy-duty three-piece stainless steel clamp
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Flat Wall-Mount Set

The mounted tracker can be turned and tilted to point in practically any orientation
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Truss Mount Set

  Permanent or semi-permanent mounting on a 42-52mm truss
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Tripod - L

Heavy duty industrial tripod for mounting a tracker
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Other Accessories


VZLaser Remote
3D Digitizer

HDigitizer the 3D shapes and sizes of objects
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VZProbe Contact

TFacilitates digitizing 3D position of a point in space or an object
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Fax : 0505 554 7878

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