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Universities and Research Centers use our
Motion Capture Systems in the following fields:


Synchronizing motion capture with force plates, EMG or any other research equipment can be done easily with the VZDaq software which is compatible with many National Instruments data acquisition boards. All collected data will be stored within one single file for synchronized retrieval. VZAnalyzer can be used to manipulate, analyze and display the data, or a user application can retrieve the data via a plugin or the VZSDK.



This video was made in 2003 for the BBC to demonstrate a mocap capability that even today most other systems are unable to do. The entire upper body, including face, both arms and all ten fingers were all captured together! Fingers can make the most complex motions human can make. This capture was made with just three Visualeyez trackers.



Virtual interaction, virtual reality, virtual design, virtual training, all require instant flawless motion data feedback. This video shows two people interacting, each wearing a HMD and is captured by a separate Visualeyez system at a different location. The captured motion data are merged by our HydraNet software, then animated and displayed on this giant screen (by invitation of the Siggraph 2002 organizer).



Human factor engineering and ergonomics research can be easily carried out when intricate motions can be captured by a Visualeyez system from the most appropriate directions anytime.



Completely wireless self-identified markers can be easily attached to any object for trouble-free motion capture. The extremely fast response of the Visualeyez system further removes any sensor problems in the visual feedback control of a fundamentally unstable biped robot - Dribbel with pointed feet



Completely wireless self-identified active markers can be used to capture the motions of a rotating wheel without any marker-swapping problem or wire entanglement



High G crash testing with motion capture equipment on-board has never been heard of before. The Visualeyez system has accurately captured crash dummy motions under 15G tests. This is higher G force than the best fighter pilot in the world can sustain



Dynamic analysis and control of a model structure under various natural conditions can be easily accomplished with a Visualeyez system



Visualeyez system can be used to compute and track the center of gravity of a person in motion in real-time for stumbling research and control



US NASA uses several Visualeyez systems for their R&D including tele-robotic manipulation in the Robonaut program for the International Space Station. The Visualeyez system is chosen for 1. reliable real-time operation, 2. wide angle makes it able to capture an entire astronaut even within the tiny space station chambers, 3. low-power consumption, and 4. high ruggedness for the rocket ride.




Hurdle motions can be easily captured, animated, analyzed and graphed for instant coaching to improve sports performance



Sports performance can be easily improved by the real-time animation and motion analysis feedback capabilities of a Visualeyez 3D motion capture system



single-tracker low-cost system is good enough for many full- body motion capture applications such as walking or running due to the exceedingly WIDE ANGLE hence huge 3D capture space of a Visualeyez system



Extremely high speed motions of even a golf club head can be captured in real-time by making use of the unique 'Multi-Rate Sampling' capability of a Visualeyez system. This capability allows highly different speed motions to be captured simultaneously at practically the same spatial resolution (distance between data samples) thereby limiting the amount of irrelevant data



Motion capture over reflective surfaces is a cinch with the Visualeyez system because it does not require any flood lighting. Flood lighting would confuse or even blind the cameras on the other side of the reflective surface







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